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The Orderly Manor® is a hands on professional organizing service for residential & corporate clients. Similar to the organizing shows you see on TV, but without the cameras, with less tears, and not as many snazzy outfits. Being organized helps people reduce waste, encourages using existing possessions to their full potential, & helps make responsible consumerism realistic. When you know what things you have, and right where to find them you are less likely to go out and buy something new or let something good go to waste. Part of the service The Orderly Manor­® offers, at no additional charge, is taking donated items to the charity where they will be most useful or where they can be properly recycled. This donation program has been standard procedure for the company since our inception over a decade ago. Local charities benefit & donations reduce the usable materials going to the landfill.


The Orderly Manor® has been contracted on a number of projects to review house & office blue prints to insure proper attention has been given to maximizing space and addressing storage needs. This has helped home builders and clients to look at the project with a more long term approach of responsible consumerism.


Adriel Brophy, owner & professional organizer, has been recognized as a Golden Circle Member (indicating 10 years plus of experience) of the National Association of Professional Organizers. NAPO is a group dedicated to simplicity not just nationwide, but on a worldwide scale.