Using our existing space for future living at SCADpad

Seeing parking garages around a city is a pretty normal thing. And besides, people use them every day, right? That actually may not be the case anymore. At least half of all available parking spaces are vacant 40 percent of the time. Enter SCADpad

SCADpad represents a grand vision for urban renewal that fits into the size of a parking spot. Given the current urban population and the new commuting trends, SCADpad is a relevant answer to the growing need for affordable, efficient housing in cities worldwide. And on top of that, this model is replicable. SCADpad is a community of three micro-residences on the fourth floor of SCAD Atlanta’s parking deck.

Each of the three SCADpad units has a unique theme and visual identity, reflecting SCAD’s global footprint. A common green space extends the living area, creating a community environment. An organic garden is fed by a graywater filtration and delivery system, while a composting and recycling center helps ensure there is minimal waste. A rapid prototyping area featuring a 3D printer lets residents customize their unit to their preferences and needs—a perfect way to maximize life in a micro house.

As the housing shortage in crowded cities becomes increasingly apparent, finding a solution seems daunting. But repurposing existing structures is an incredible way to use our space wisely, instead of attempting to build on new land and increase our footprint.

People aren't just focused on housing, though. In California, architects have taken an underutilized parking deck and turned the two-acre area into a park with basketball courts, vegetable gardens and meditation spaces.

As we move forward and encounter these issues that have to do with space, I think it's really important we focus on what we already have. Existing buildings aren't out of the question. Are there more ways we can repurpose them for future use? I think it's also a reminder how important it is to build new buildings that last. These parking decks are old, but that doesn't mean they are unusable. Let's make sure we use space wisely, and keep our footprint small! 

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