New sod - how to care for it?


New sod - how to care for it?

Asked by jill

Good Morning, I am in NJ and had new sod put down in a very small area (12x25) for my dog. Within a month, the sod is very soggy and slimy. The dog will not even put a paw on it. They are ripping it up and replacing the sod today but I want to be sure I take care of it properly (I followed their instructions to the letter). I know I need to water it every day so it will take root but at what point do I mow it? At what point do I use pesticide and fertilizer and what is best for new sod and must be pet friendly. (She eats everything!). The old sod had mushrooms growing and a lot of bugs (mostly spiders). I am hoping to avoid this problem again. Thanks so much for your advice.

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The first week is critical for watering, after that you need to cut back. As for mowing, let it dry for a day or two after that first week & you should be able to mow with no issues As for pesticides & fertilizers - preferably never and probably not needed. Let the grass grow to its optimum height (i.e. don't cut it to short) which will help not only keep it healthy, hold moisture in but also prevent other items from growing like mushrooms, weeds, etc... Instead of bagging the leaves/clippings, mulch them down & leave on the lawn - that will help in the fertilization department.