Does the epa make house calls?


Does the epa make house calls?

Asked by Roquitta Street

Reason for me asking is because I have been live in our apartment for 2 1/2 years and in those same years our management company has changed hands more than hooker changes underwear. Anyways as of late , with our current management company, it seems as though our maintenance issue fall by the way side. Last month (July) my husband walked into the office and requested them come look at our air conditioner and dishwasher. Both are leaking and I'm afraid that we are breathing unclean air. I know your thinking that I'm paranoid but hear me out. The dishwasher is leaking throughout the cabinets and coming out underneath the baseboard. I'm afraid there might be black mold in there. Underneath the sink the wood is discolored and dropping. On to the air conditioner, last summer (2014)maintenance from the old company.. I think came and spackled the inside of the unit. And this year all it has done is leak. Now we have put pail after pail down to catch the water but why should

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No they don't, but check out Nevada rental rights & local State agencies like Dept of Health