Andrew Michler

Andrew Michler

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I live off the grid in a “near-zero” home with my wife, Jennie, using solar electric power, propane for hot water and refrigeration, and wood from our forest for heat. For the last two years I have had a green building consulting company. I was previously a designer/builder with a background in HVAC and remodeling. Through the years I have discovered that our building industry was often ignoring the basic principles that I was learning about in developing my own home and shop. Most buildings were being developed with a “rule-of thumb” approach that was based more on building tradition than building science. This has become one of the major obstacles in green building. Adversity to trying something different has lead to poor building and design habits with which the owners of these buildings become burdened. With buildings accounting for over 40% of our carbon output this is a very big problem.

This effort requires good information, clear dialogue, and a reduction in risk adversity. I have been developing my company Baosol Adaptive Building Consulting to meet these needs. Small misconceptions and design mistakes over time add to very large problems. By seeking out these issues and finding appropriate solutions, and integrating it to a whole, a building is vastly improved. A “green” building consultant helps a project become successful by involving all the stake holders and keeping the environmental impact of the project front and center. This includes even how the building is used years down the road by its occupants and how that building relates to the community around it.

Andrew Michler, LEED AP, MIGP

CSU IBE Green Homes and Green Buildings Certificates
Chair Northern Colorado Renewable Energy Society
Regular contributer to various major green blogs and websites
Chair of the Northern Colorado Renewable Energy Society