Kati Curtis, LEED AP ID&C, CID

Kati Curtis, LEED AP ID&C, CID

Nirmada Interior Architectural Design

205 West 54th Street
New York, NY 10019


Recently featured in Apartment Therapy's Re-Nest, and on HGTV.com, Kati Curtis's eco-friendly firm Nirmada brings a sustainable, modern approach to design. Kati believes that good design is as much about designing responsibly as it is about creating beautiful and memorable spaces. Her broad vision offers clients modern solutions which are sophisticated, yet environmentally aware. Her wealth of diverse experience includes luxury New York City apartments and commercial and hospitality projects. Kati is the only LEED AP ID&C, residential Certified Interior Designer in Manhattan. Kati has one numerous award, such as the International Interior Design Association's Silver Award, and the AIA Interiors Award.

Kati Curtis's Nirmada Team, recently completed a sustainable residential renovation for a luxury client on Central Park West in New York City. The design philosophy for this project was to create a sustainable, modern environment for a young family.

Kati says, "When I first started working with this couple, they had recently purchased the apartment overlooking Central Park. The apartment had a small, enclosed kitchen which they wanted to open up to the views and Living Area. Initially, the clients were not as interested in “green” design as the designer, but halfway into the project they became pregnant and began to see the value of some of the practices we’d begun to implement. When the nursery was being painted, they were aware that there were none of the “smells” that typically accompany a painting job. When the cabinets were installed there was no “toxic” scent that lingers when installing lacquered cabinets. The anti-microbial qualities of the Caesarstone became important as the clients started having to sterilize bottles. Despite all of these green elements, we achieved the modern, clean, warm look that the clients’ wanted. As the clients’ lives and space began to change, so did their values and they ended up embracing “green” despite themselves! "