M. René Clawson

M. René Clawson

Clawson Architects

145 Dunnell Road
Maplewood, NJ 07040


Mary René Clawson, AIA, CID, LEED AP is overseeing Clawson Architects’ commitment to their clients and the environment as just part of what we have always been called to do as Architects.

Many clients inquire about an emerging category called “Green Design” — At Clawson Architects; we do not view sustainability as a new idea, or separate from good design in general.

As members of the American Institute of Architects and the National Green Building Council, the team at Clawson Architects:

Works with you and your budget to meet and exceed where possible the ever increasing Energy, Material and Clean Air standards being adopted by many of our municipalities as part of our community’s commitment to being Green.
We will help you create a sustainable home by taking advantage of all the opportunities your site location offers.
More sophisticated mechanical systems and ideas can be explored if your budget allows.
Helping and guiding you thru what is becoming known as “Green Washing” false claims of being environmentally correct.
In short, keeping abreast of the latest innovations in technology, practices and materials that are smarter and yield a more sustainable future is at the core of Clawson Architects Green commitment.