Ted Kidd

Ted Kidd

Ted Kidd Energy Guru

781 Harvard St
Rochester, NY 14610


I've always been keenly interested in financial efficiency. This translates more and more directly to energy efficiency as resources become more scarce, and obtaining those resources becomes more conflict ridden.

Plentiful alternatives may be "around the corner"..., but in the meantime we need to be less wasteful. My primary goal is to help people reduce their energy use without sacrificing comfort or otherwise dramatically inconveniencing themselves.

Building upon my knowledge of insulation and mechanical equipment, and gaining recognized training seemed a logical first step. In 2008 I completed NYSERDA "Home Performance with Get Energy Smart" sponsored Building Performance Institute (BPI) training in the following areas:

Building Analyst - 36 hours - January 2008
Envelope Training - 30 hours - March 2008
Heating Professional - 30 hours - April 2008
Cooling Professional Training - 16 hours - May 2008
EPA Clean Air Section 608 UNIVERSAL - May 2008

In May 2008 I contacted the inventor of Air Krete, Keene Christopher who put me in touch with insulation expert Bill Szabo. Bill came to my house to discuss completing the job of insulating that I'd started nearly a decade earlier. During that visit he invited me to Phelps to see the operation they were building. I went, they offered me a job, I accepted.

During the ensuing year and a half I endeavored to change the business model from selling products to providing comprehensive energy solutions. My clients appreciate this more comprehensive non-product based approach that, through computer modelling, quantifies their improvement options.

I am now incredibly grateful to work for a company that fully embraces this better way of helping people reduce their energy use.

Ted Kidd’s Specialties:
Financial planning and analysis, HVAC experience, insulation experience, sales experience.