David Edwards PhD

David Edwards PhD

EarthBound Homes

1103 Bluebird Ave
Santa Clara, CA 95051


David Edwards, Ph.D., LEED AP, CGBP, Green Point Rater
CEO, Earth Bound Homes
Dr. Edwards received his PhD in 1999 in Biochemistry and Cell Biology. He worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 4 years before starting Earth Bound Homes in 2002. Dr. Edwards is a certified Green Building Professional, a member of the US Green Building Council and a Green Point Rater. Earth Bound Homes is the proud winner of Acterra’s Sustainable Built Environment Award in 2007.

Earth Bound Homes was founded with the goal to be the greenest home building and remodeling company in the nation by using sound science and leading edge building materials and techniques. In 2004, the company rebuilt Dr. Edwards's home in Santa Clara. Living in this home, which is now rated the greenest home in California by Build It Green’s Green Point Rated System, provides Dr. Edwards with a unique understanding of what works and what doesn't at the bleeding edge of green building. In 2009, Earth Bound Homes built the first LEED Platinum Zero Energy/Zero Carbon home in California. They are currently building the highest scoring LEED Platinum home in the nation.