Elizabeth DiSalvo

Elizabeth DiSalvo

Trillium Architects

409 main street
Ridgefield , CT 06877


I have over 25 years experience in architecture and construction. I grew up in the industry and have a five year professional degree in architecture from Rensselaer as well as a master’s degree in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University.

My initial exposure to green building came from living in an ‘off-the-grid’ community in Colorado in 1992. I learned a very grass roots approach to making shelter and incorporating local and environmentally sound products and technologies into buildings that occupants could fabricate themselves. This hands-on experience revealed the many possibilities of alternative construction methods, however it also revealed many limitations for their incorporation in the technologically evolving world of mainstream America.

Upon returning to the east coast, I began to focus my practice on bringing green, energy efficient buildings to more mainstream clients. Over the years I, and my firm Trillium Architects, have refined our approach to getting a green home built. In doing so we have also learned how to prioritize and meet client’s expectations for creating a green home that is not only very energy efficient but is also livable, affordable and enjoyable.

Our main goal is to create beautiful, quality homes that connect home dwellers with their natural surroundings and the rythyms of the seasons and the warmth of their families. We believe that well built homes that are loved and cared for – because they are beautiful, comfortable, healthy, efficient, and a joy to live in – will last longer and live on to be passed from generation to generation. We believe there is not a greener way to build than this.

We have recently completed our first LEED Home (registered, soon to be certified) and have our second under way. We care deeply about what we do and have a true passion for building green. We would love to help you create a gorgeous, fine green home!