Jeff von Breitenfeld

Jeff von Breitenfeld

Habitation Solutions

7381 South Glencoe Way
Centennial, CO 80122

Bachelor of Architecture—Montana State University, 1981
Master of Architecture—Montana State University, 2008

Bachelor of Science, Business Management—Metropolitan State College of Denver, 1989

Jeff came to Denver, Colorado in 1981 and worked for various Denver architecture firms on projects including office buildings, retail centers, restaurants, schools, libraries, and homes. Jeff was licensed to practice architecture in 1986 and has more than 25 years of architectural project experience.

Jeff developed an interest in sustainability 10 years ago, and became the “green guy” at the architectural firm where he was working. He was put in charge of completing the sustainable architectural projects the firm attained. Jeff pursues architectural projects where sustainability is sought by the client.

Currently, Jeff is involved in residential energy audits. Three levels of audits are conducted and result in an audit report. The audit report outlines the energy-efficiency shortcomings and a plan to fix the problems discovered during the audit. Then, a proposal to fix the problems is presented to the homeowner.

Jeff is married, has a daughter in high-school, and lives in Centennial, Colorado. He likes to travel, ski, bicycle, and garden.