Mike Kastler

Nextek Power Systems, Inc

461 Burroughs Street
Detroit, MI 48202


Mike Kastler is an engineer by trade, turned sales professional. Currently employed by Nextek Power Systems, Inc. as the Sales/Program Manager for their Fanworks product division.

Nextek Power Systems, Inc. is a provider of green, DC powered ceiling fans, switches and solar panels. We have 5 different models plus options for high humidity environments. We specialize in the Gossamer blade fans with our DC powered Vari-Cyclone series, the only DC powered Gossamer fans on the market. Go with the Nextek Vari-Cyclone Gossamer fans and experience an increased 50% CFM efficiency over standard blade design!

All our fans accept 12/24V DC power. You can add our fans to your existing DC power environment or create a standalone DC power environment with our Solution Packs consisting of: Fan, Switch and Solar Panel. Our team of expert engineers can customize a solution that fits your requirements. Call or email us for details. 1-877-24VOLTS (1-877-248-6587). For online product ordering, visit our Power Shop at http://www.nextekpower.com/power-shop/

Nextek Power Systems, Inc. is a green energy company founded in Detroit almost 8 years ago. We are a pioneer in DC power networks for buildings that improve the efficiency of electronics, seamlessly incorporating clean renewable energy like solar PV and stored energy from batteries. Find out more at http://www.nextekpower.com