Scott Simmons

Scott Simmons

Craig Gaulden Davis

19 Washington Park
Greenville, SC 29602

Good architecture is as much about listening as speaking. Listen to the owner, the context, and the aspirations for what might be. Then enter into a dialog about design ideas.

My first job out of school in the mid 80's was designing passive solar homes. Back then we asked a lot of a homeowner to operate the systems. Now automation and smarter materials can do so much. There are many more options and green products today. Still, the most important thing is to match lifestyle and budget to the "green goals" of a project.

I have 2 LEED silver public projects behind me and we're working on a third for a college in VA. Even if a project is not seeking LEED certification, we can bring value to the owner by careful design. Careful planning, wise decisions, and energy improvements never stop paying back.