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Jamal Harrell

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Throughout the past year of 2009, a lot has happened on the global, regional and also local scene. Despite the challenges and the economic recession that has affected us all, JAMSHAR Construction Consultants L.L.C. has had a banner year. Success is not measured solely on profit margins, gross or net, but on accomplishments. We were able to complete one of the first ever Energy Star® Rated AND “Gold Level” NAHB Green Certified Single Family Homes in the Southern New Jersey Area. This was quite a huge accomplishment and distinction for our company.

In 2009, our company was also accepted as an Energy Star® Partner and the first in Southern New Jersey to pass the accreditation exam to earn the dual certification: GREEN ADVANTAGE® ENVIRONMENTAL COMMERCIAL & RESIDIENTIAL CERTIFICATION.

But the main focus has been on preparing for the future for our company and for our world. “Going Green” is more than changing a few light bulbs, although that is a good start. But rather it is a maturing of our decision making processes. Whether it is choice of house, vehicles, jobs or materials used, we must think “sustainability”, first!

We are starting 2010 off to a good start too. Our focus is on further training and certification starting with LEED and continuing with further specialization in the Building Sciences.

But we'll never lose touch with our 18+ years of hard earned construction experience. We got our company certified with the US EPA as a Certified Firm and individually as Certified Renovators, taking further steps to also be certified Lead Dust Sampling Technicians coming under the new EPA RRP Rules that start April 22, 2010.

The Owner is also accredited LEED® GA and an NAHB® Green Verifier. As we move ahead, we look forward to working with you as a client or as a collaborator. Please feel free to contact us if we have services that you or your company may find of benefit.

Best Wishes, Jamal Harrell LEED- GA, GPRO+CM, GACP, GGP
JAMSHAR Construction Consultants L.L.C.