Scott Scherer

SBC Scherer Building Corporation

POB 880581
Steamboat Springs, CO 80488

I have been studying and practicing building science since 1987, part of my studies included American Lung Associations HealthHouse program of which I became "Certified" as a HealthHouse builder. At the same time I achieved "Master Builder" with EEBA (Energy and Environmental Builders Association). Our company has also been involved with a tremendous amount of building forensics to determine why a building (not ours) has experienced a failure, this has given us a tremendous amount knowledge on "What Not to do" when building. We also do Energy Efficient remodeling and restorations as well.
We realize that it takes a special kind of builder to know square feet are not the only feet in your home. And as Joe Lstiburek's say's "Don't do stupid things".
My buildings will save the client usually around 75% on operating costs.
We have been doing Green long before Green was cool.
I would say 95% of our Remodeling and Restorations are Green in one aspect or another. And 100% of new construction is Extreme High Performance construction.