Alex Biyevetskiy

Alex Biyevetskiy

MA Metal Roofing and Green Building LLC

25 Bank St
North Attleboro, MA 02760

I have been involved with green metal roofing, and green building since 2001.
Highlights: In 2009 our company volunteered to install a cool flat roofing system on a solar home for "solar home decathlon project" going for international solar home competition in Washington DC.

We have volunteered our time to install a new solar roofing system, and made an arrangement with cool roofing manufacturer to provide roofing materials free of charge for the project. Solar panels for the roof were installed by another company. The project was called team Boston, solar decathlon, organized by Boston school of architecture, and Tufts University.

My expertise is Green Metal Roofing:

Our company specializes metal roofing and green building. Metal Roofing is a green building material made from recycled metal, often containing up 75% of post consumer content. At the end of its service life metal roofing can be fully recycled, and does not end up in the landfills like asphalt shingle roofs. Metal roofing lasts for a very long time. In the summer, it reflects solar thermal energy keeping your home cooler, helping you save on energy costs, and preserving the environment. In the winter, metal roofs provide reliable protection against snow, and ice build up, and help prevent ice dams.

My metal roofing and green building experience:

I started out as an installer of aluminum shingle metal roofs, and later started my own company adding sheet metal roofing, and solar roofing panels to the list of our roofing services. We also, offer energy efficient windows, and metal wall panels for building owners in New England. In addition to metal roofing materials supply and installation work in Massachusetts, our company provides energy efficient roofing, and green building consulting services.