Scott Liljedahl LEED GA

Medford Homes LLC

P.O. Box 1119
Kelso, WA 98626

As a member of the Cowlitz County Planning Commision that oversees such projects as big box stores and developments in our open areas, timberlands, farmlands, and sensitive areas, I have given our commision a different viewpoint from the norm or business as usual.

I have worked to change the culture to take into consideration the ideas and options that will better serve our county as a good steward for providing low impact projects to the enviroment. This can be challenging in an area that is industry based in it's employment sector, and mindset.

I became involved with the green movement in the early 90's when the GMA first became a political issue. As a native of Olympia, which is very green conscience by traditional standards, I became a student of the green movement reading and learning green practices and principls and have applied it to every facet of my life.

In a related note, I still think the GMA has some flaws and would like to see these addressed.