Lili Wright

Lili Wright

Wright Design

20 E Sunset Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19118

Well, it just makes so much sense! I have always had a big picture way of looking at things and green building looks at the whole picture. It takes into consideration how the land, the structures, the elements, the materials, the builders and users of a place all interact together. For me, it's a very graceful approach. And it's really not a new concept.

My background is in 18th century European decorative arts. The buildings and furnishings of that era, among others, had a quality to them that allowed them to endure physically and aesthetically, in part because of the materials that were used, and also because of the attention to craftsmanship, a commitment to excellence an appreciation for beauty, place and life itself.

Green building allows for progressive technology to be integrated with natural cycles and quality of life principles. There is an elegance to it.