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What It's Worth, Inc.

P.O. Box 162135
Austin, TX 78716


Service area: 200 miles

Service Area: Austin, TX San Antonio, TX We will ship nation wide, but offer delivery within the 200 mile radius.


We supply salvaged and recycled antique wood taken from buildings being demolished that were built prior to 1900. We primarily produce antique wood flooring. We divert lumber from going to the landfills, offer a recyled content of 100% and specialize in material that is extracted from and processed within the regional guidelines of 500 miles, adding to the number of LEED points available to a project close to us in the state of Texas.


Our company has supplied numerous homes around the country with recycled wood flooring and salvaged timbers. Many of the home owners desired the use of a recycled material, even if their ultimate goal was to build green without seeking the green label status. They all loved the look and felt an obligation to recycle. We are currently supplying flooring for a project seeking green status outside of Houston, near Crosby, Texas.


The owner, Harold Faust, has been recyling antique salvaged wood for mostly residential use since 1979, almost two decades before 'Green' building became popular. The business is a local and national member of the USGBC.

Our goal is to produce the finest graded, recycled material that is available on the market today. We started recycling material in the mid 1970's by salvaging sinker cypress logs from Louisiana waterways. The logs were floated in raft form from where they were felled by axe and taken to a sawmill for processing. We eventually diversified to land based structures that were slated for demolition. When the business first started and we were based in Baton Rouge, LA. We supplied a legend of Louisiana architecture, A Hays Town, with the recycled material that he demanded for his period style homes. Mr Town wanted his homes to be built of the best recycled material that could be found; from exposed post and beams, flooring, doors and cabinetry, to the exteriors, clad with 1,000 year old sinker cypress or antique brick. Many of the homes even had salvaged slate roofs. A Hays Town was a pioneer in the use of recycled material for residential application and our affliation with him, gave us a start into recycling, before it was recognized as a smart, environmental way to build a home.