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A.N. Roth Company Heating And Air Conditioning

A.N. Roth Company Heating And Air Conditioning

749 East Jefferson Street
Louisville, KY 40202


Service area: 25 miles


A.N. Roth takes a whole house approach to heating and air conditioning. A.N. Roth has been a member of the Comfort Institute since 2005. This membership has given A.N. Roth Company the tools and education to help home owners reduce the size of their HVAC systems by giving a prioritized list of building envelope corrections. This approach not only reduces HVAC system size, but also greatly improves indoor comfort by better maintaining winter and summer humidity levels.
A.N. Roth Company also is the Louisville area experts in zoning technologies. By taking a whole house approach and using zoning technologies A.N. Roth seldom recommends homeowners add second floor supplemental systems. A.N. Roth has a long list of success stories for fixing existing two story structure HVAC systems to adequately provide cooling to the second floor in the summer without adding any extra cooling equipment.
Lastly, A.N. Roth has been very successful in retrofitting older home to geothermal heating and cooling.


Most current green project is installing geothermal HVAC in the new Mini Cooper of Louisville car dealership. We also utilized energy recovery ventilators to exhaust the bathrooms and lock rooms while providing fresh air to the offices.
Next we are retrofitting the Mercedes Benz dealership with geothermal HVAC.


A.N. Roth has been continuously going to ACCA national conferences to keep up on the latest in HVAC technologies.
All of its field employees have been factory trained on Water Furnace geothermal.
It is currently pursuing BPI certifications for some of the supervision.