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Impact LLC

1119 Rushing Circle #1
Little Rock, AR 72204


Service area: 25 miles

Service Area: Metro Little Rock


Specializing in green retrofitting and energy efficiency consulting, Impact, LLC has experience in all aspects of green remodeling. With state-of-the-art technological resources like Infrared Thermography, we can tackle any job--from interior or exterior painting to insulation and air sealing.


Arkansas has proven to be a latecomer to embracing green building techniques. With my involvement in the Little Rock Sustainability Commission, I will be a part of launching a campaign that will broadcast the importance of sustainable living. Through energy consulting, I try to educate consumers on what green options are available that have a reasonable payback period for our climate. One of my favorite services is to super insulate and seal houses and get the feedback from customers on reduced energy costs, increased comfort and decreased dust.


Completed Regreen at Greenbuild 2009 in Phoenix, AZ

Completed ACI conference 2010 in Austin, TX

Appointed by Little Rock's Mayor Mark Stodola to a 3 year term on Little Rock Sustainability Commission June 2010 (Term expires March 2012).

Remodel Project featured on front cover story of "This Old House" magazine. December 2010. What an HONOR! I grew up watching the show on TV and never dreamed that a fantastic customer and I would be featured as the cover story on their magazine.

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BPI Certified Building Analyst Completed & Passed Written and field test February 2011

Reappointed by Little Rock's Mayor Mark Stodola for a second 3 year term to the Little Rock Sustainability Commission March 2012

Impact, LLC's long term goal is to focus less on remodeling and more on energy efficiency. We approach all projects, whether they be remodeling or energy efficiency consulting and retrofitting, with the same three-fold approach. The Impact, LLC values are:

People: Impact makes each client’s satisfaction its top priority. Carefully listening to, understanding, and responding to a client’s desires helps Impact achieve great results

Excellence: Impact draws on its state-of-the-art practices to ensure the highest standard of quality and precision for their clients. Without this commitment to craftsmanship comes mediocrity and disappointment.

Reliability: Impact generates trust by maintaining honesty and integrity from the start to the completion of a project. Earning this trust requires telling the truth…always.