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Green Building Research Institute

107 Eaton Street
San Antonio, TX 78216


Service area: 200 miles


GBRI's goal is to make sustainability and green building practices available for the common man across North America and slowly across the world. We offer Webinars covering sustainability topics that a homewoner would encounter in a day to day life. We also offer interactive CDs for homeowners who can watch and listen to the audio visual presentations at their own pace.


One of our Principals at GBRI recently built two townhouses in San Antonio that recieved LEED Platinum Certification from the USGBC. Through our first research project, Joe Koizen shares the lessons learned from building platinum homes- the process that he went through inspiring other homeowners to build green. GBRI is a registered LLC in the state of Texas

Our First Research Project - The “ELEMENTS OF A GREEN HOME” is a powerful audio/visual flash presentation assembled by our researchers at GBRI. The presentation is based on the classical “elements” of our world: Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. With one important addition - a fifth element - which we call the Built Environment. The Earth’s classical elements all have a direct affect upon and contribution to our built world. They are intricately woven together and the potential synergies between and amongst them are enormous.

This presentation attempts to educate an average homeowner on the many possible options that they can implement in their own homes thus converting their brick and mortar houses into eco friendly homes. The presentation covers a variety of sustainable topics some of which include rainwater harvesting, alternate transportation options, water conservation methods, energy reduction techniques, HVAC Upgrades and advice on selecting sustainable materials. We try to focus on things a typical homeowner will encounter everyday with special emphasis given to do-it-yourself projects and the items that will ultimately reduce your energy bill and help your home become as green as it can be. It also discusses cost estimates of several projects including identifying resources. Though the basic presentation was prepared for a North American audience, the principles are equally applicable to homeowners worldwide.

At present GBRI is concentrating on making this tool affordable to average homeowners across North America and slowly across the globe. Our goal is to make sustainability tools accessible to the common man and we know that we cannot realize our goal without support from others like you. This dream can only be achieved by a collaborative effort from Federal & State offices, city councils, corporate, Media and resident associations. Please contact us if would like to be a partner in our research endeavor. For more information visit or email [email protected]


The Researchers at GBRI come from an extensive background. All our Engineers and Architects are LEED APs. We have a number of research projects that are currently under production.