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Eco Remedi

Eco Remedi

portland, OR 97219


Service area: 25 miles

Service Area: Portland, OR


We create healthy, sustainable interiors through environmental health consulting, design and renovation. We remedy by testing the indoor air quality, EMF/EMR, Radon then do a walk thru virtual or onsite to detox the space.

Then our designers come in and offer healthy, sustainable solutions to transform your space into a healthy, sustainable place.


We are just emerging into the green building building arena and looking to build tiny homes and offices/studios for professionals needing an extra space for renting out or working in.
We offer custom furniture that uses non toxic finishes, reclaimed woods with a modern aesthetic.


LEED designers, builders, architects, environmental scientists, eco consultants and building biologists.

Contact us before you buy our build. We evaluate the surrounding property and test for any pollutants, toxins or high levels of RF and EMF. We spec everything from building materials to finishes to furniture.