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931 W. Leland Ave
Suite 306
Chicago, IL 60640


Service area: 88 miles


For over 30 years, we have been educating the public in the East on the use of eco-friendly coverings/ plasters which are zero VOC. Our motto is to reduce sick-home syndromes because most of us are not aware that indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air. We abide by sustainable manufacturing process - energy consumption is lower as 90% of raw materials used are natural ingredients such as sand, diatomite earth, non-toxic glue, recycled textiles and fiber.

We also offer design and consultation for home-owners on sustainable design.


We are currently involved in a project which will become one of the first green buildings in Malaysia in the heart of Borneo. We pride to be pioneer to specialize in green building materials for commercial and residential projects. In addition, we have been specified for a natural balanced home in the West Coast.


Our team consists of professional working towards LEED AP and architects who are GBI (Green Building Index) Accredited Facilitator.

Green building has always evolved around our company, considering our origin from Borneo. We grew up in an environment where we used less air-conditioning, because natural ventilated air is said to be the most healthy. Within the household, we try to use more natural products for daily household cleaning. We made starch to iron our clothes. We also eat organic food and vegetables from our backyard. However, as the world becomes more advanced in technology, there are more inventions of household products made of different health hazardous chemicals. Children tend to get sick more than ever before. We think we have a mission to educate the public to go back to nature. Our company's goal is to build the first inexpensive green homes in Borneo in the next 10 years.