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Berke Homes

2012 W. St. Paul, #210
Chicago, IL 60647


Service area: 200 miles

Berke Homes, custom home builders on the North Shore and Greater Chicago Area has announced their ‘Harmony Series’ of new home plans. “These homes meet a need in the market to be innovative in merging the luxury style with more environmentally friendly homes,” said Michael Berke, president of Berke Homes. “We utilize materials and systems that are sustainable in a Green Home Building sense, which also provide superior strength and durability, creating a higher performing home with greater energy efficiency and healthier indoor air quality.”

“These plans can also be customized by the home buyer to meet their specific needs. Buyers can use our plans as a starting point, and we will work with them to add any additional features that are important to them to make it their perfect place to live,” said Berke. “Our goal is to provide home buyers with a simple, clean process of execution.”

Berke has collaborated with talented designers to provide homes using the finest materials and resources nature has to offer. These are homes of harmony and balance, creating value for their owners. Their new homes have the highest standards and are designed for cost effectiveness, with better room and space allocation appropriate for the way people live today.

The owner will live in a home that is healthier for them, with reduced utilities, that is more durable and will have a lesser impact on the environment as compared to a conventionally built home. “We incorporate a long list of environmentally responsible designs, materials and components along with smart construction details.”

Michael Berke, President of Berke Homes, is a LEED AP, and currently serves on the US Green Building Council - Illinois Chapter - Residential Committee.