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Industrial Hygiene Services

20255 Glasgow Drive
Saratoga, CA 95070


Service area: 50 miles

Industrial Hygiene Services was founded by Dr. Timothy Rohm in 1991. Linda Kincaid has been with the company since it was formed. We focus on identifying and reducing chemicals exposures in indoor environments. We have a successful record of accomplishment, helping families achieve healthy green homes.

We work directly with homeowners to achieve a healthy and green home environment. Bringing two decades of experience in indoor air quality and environmental health, we began consulting with homeowners and green builders in 2006. We have helped dozen of homeowners to create a healthy home environment. We recently worked with a family whose child had been ill for months and was hospitalized with respiratory problems. We identified the chemical exposure issue in the home and helped the family eliminate the source. Little Jason is once again an active and energetic little boy.

Linda Kincaid is a member of Northern California USGBC. She has a Master of Public Health from UC Berkeley, and she is a Certified Industrial Hygienist. Dr. Timothy Rohm has a PhD. in organic chemistry, and he has three decades experience in exposure assessment.