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A Single Roof Can Impact Our World

MonierLifetile is the roofing product that has been green for decades in the U.S. and for a generation through our European lineage. As a leader in the Green Building movement, MonierLifetile is committed to using naturally available materials which mitigates the negative impact to the environment and emphasizes conservation and energy efficiency. Concrete roof tile is inherently sustainable. The durable lifecycle of MonierLifetile products - from beginning to end - meets the needs of the present without compromising those of the future.

MonierLifetile is committed to reducing the total amount of greenhouse gases produced - from the environmentally conscious manufacture of the product; to the plant to market transport radius; to the ultimate re-use and recyclability - thereby minimizing our carbon footprint. While on the roof, concrete tile reabsorbs up to 20 percent of carbon dioxide emissions and energy efficient installation techniques minimize heating and cooling costs.

MonierLifetile was formed in 1997 as a joint venture between long-time industry leaders Monier Inc. and Boral Lifetile Inc. Monier was founded in 1965 and Lifetile in 1962. The company is the largest manufacturer of premium-quality roof tile in the United States.

MonierLifetile offers the industry's broadest combination of concrete roof tile colors, profiles and finishes for both new construction and reroof, plus a broad spectrum of components designed to work together as a completely integrated roofing system.

Customers benefit from the company's advanced-technology manufacturing techniques as well as its expertise in materials science, product design and extensive testing. MonierLifetile participates in computer-controlled wind tunnel testing of its roof tiles, as well as testing for resistance to fire, hail and seismic activity.

Currently, MonierLifetile has 12 active manufacturing plants in the continental United States and 1 in Guadalajara, Mexico.

MonierLifetile LLC, with headquarters in Irvine, CA, is backed by the strength and financial resources of MONIER Group Gmbh based in Germany, and Boral Ltd. based in Australia.

U.S. Green Building Council Member
U.S. Green Building Council Member

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