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Ewanski Green Building and Green Business Consulting

PO Box 3491
Tucson, AZ 85719


Service area: 200 miles

Ewanski GBS (EGBS) is professional services firm which currently provides solutions to client companies and individuals in two (2) main areas:

1. Green Building Services

* LEED Exam Test Prep
* LEED Documentation/Project Management
* Specialty Research and Reports
* Market Analysis
* LEED Charrette Facilitation
* Home Energy Analysis and Green Features Cost Analysis
* Retrofit Planning and Project Management
* Solar PV, Solar Hot Water, and Rainwater Harvesting Consulting, Coordination, and Referral
* Green Building Classes/Presentations

2. Green Business Services

* Corporate Sustainability Planning
* Business Strategy
* Market Analysis
* Competitor Analysis
* Business Plan Creation
* Business Plan Coaching
* Quantification of Sustainability Goals and Metrics
* Public Relations and Networking
* Business Development
* Green Business Presentations and Workshops