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Elastomeric “cool” Roof Coatings have the ability to save money, energy, reduce air pollution and significantly reduce land fill waste thereby providing an immediate improvement to our environment today and for the future.
There are many advantages and benefits of a Cool Roof System:
Elastomeric "Cool Roofs" can be installed directly over existing roofs, thereby eliminating the costly tear-off and waste delivered to landfills. As a lightweight product in comparison to traditional roofing products, elastomeric coatings can be applied repeatly extending the life of your roofing system and have the exclusive of providing a seamless membrane that become part of the substrate with excellent adhesive ability. These elastomeric coatings are a breathable membrane that allow moisture to escape, but will not allow moisture to penetrate, thereby helping to maintain the integrity of the structure and improving on the life cycle of building materials and their design performance. A product that is highly resistant to ponding and fortified with fire retardant properties, Elastomeric Cool Roof Systems contribute to the reduction of air pollution and have demonstrated positive results in reducing "Urban Heat Island" effects that safe energy and improve our environment.
With the application of a “Cool Roof System", roof surface temperatures can be decreased 50-80 degrees F. thereby reducing heat radiated into the building and reducing the stress on HVAC Systems. Asphalt products by themselves undergo a degradation process which is caused by high temperature and ultraviolet degradation. Cool Roof products protect a conventional built-up roof better because they have UV inhibitors built into their formulation. Once a Cool Roof System has been in service for 10 to 15 years, it can easily be pressure washed for maintenance and repair. The surface can then be recoated and typically, a new warranty is issued to the building owner, making this type of Roofing system both durable and cost effective.