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Radiant Electric Heat, LLC

N52 W13670 North Park Drive
Menomonee Falls, WI 53090


Service area: 75 miles

Service Area: We ship all over the United States and many of the Provinces of Canada.

Radiant Electric Heat manufactures and distributes Radiant Electric Heating panels that provide the highest level of comfort, energy efficiency and economy in any residential or commercial heating application. Like the rays of the sun, infrared radiant heat warms objects, not the air around them. Those objects continuously absorb and reflect heat, distributing warmth evenly and efficiently, maximizing the energy used.

REH panels heat up quickly; achieving their full temperature within five minutes, which provides a constant temperature from floor to ceiling. Since REH panels are zoned for individual rooms, it gives you greater control over the energy used by turning down the thermostat in unoccupied areas of the home. This feature combined with the efficiency of the REH panels themselves can save up to 50% on your current heating bills.

On a retrofit replacing inefficient convective heating units with REH panels in 590 apartments managed by the Quincy Housing Authority of Quincy, Massachusetts, the average savings was $628.00 per unit/per heating season over comparable units with convective heat. This is based on an average apartment size of 480 sq.ft. and Con Edison rates of 0.1678 per KWH. This is a total savings of over $375,000.00 for the complex and a substantial reduction in carbon emissions. Imagine the savings in a 2,000 sq.ft. home, 20,000 sq.ft. office space, or 200,000 sq.ft. commercial facility.

Infrared radiant heat is Green Builder advantageous, planet friendly, produces no emissions and works perfectly with wind, solar/photo voltaic and hydroelectric power.

Go Green, Go Smart, Go REH Radiant – YOU CAN’T BEAT THIS HEAT!