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Energy Efficiency Solar

308 W. Monterey Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90768


Service area: 200 miles

Service Area: We work from the Bay Area to San Diego and into Arizona.

Energy Efficiency Solar Electric Solutions has been installing both commercial and residential solar systems in diverse configurations since 1989. Its humble beginnings were initiated by Bob Siebert, who owned Orange County's first grid-tied solar photovoltaic system. In 2000, Siebert retired and sold the company to Bill Korthof, an ambitious entrepreneur with passions for renewable energies and clean, environmentally-friendly technologies. Since then, Bill has expanded Energy Efficiency to its present size and work volume. Bob Siebert still works with Energy Efficiency as a consultant.

Energy Efficiency has developed a close relationship with owners of electric vehicles. With their EVs, our customers are able to charge their vehicles at night using the energy they produced during the day. This lifestyle frees them from dependence on foreign oil, as well as enabling them to commute completely emission-free.

EE Solar is proud of its fleet of 5 EVs and 3 natural gas vans. We try to reduce our carbon footprint from start to finish on our client's solar installations. We've installed over 400 systems in the past 5 years and expect to install double that in the next 5 years. We furnished the Urth Caffe with an educational kiosk that explains their solar system to customers waiting in line. We are proud members of ASES.