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Energy Inspectors Corp.

Energy Inspectors Corp.

8805 W. Union Hills Dr., Ste 203
Peoria, AZ 85382


Service area: 100 miles

Service Area: Energy Inspectors™ operates and has offices in Nevada, California, Arizona and Utah with our corporate office located in Las Vegas, NV.

Energy Inspectors Corp. are a LEED for Homes Providers.
Our mission is to help builders implement the most effective solutions for energy efficiency in commercial and residential buildings. A 3-time United States Environmental Protection Agency, Energy Star Partner Of The Year; 2-time Arizona Energy Star Partner Of The Year; California Flex-Your-Power honoree, and the current 2009 EPA Energy Star Partner of the Year, ENERGY INSPECTORS™ Corporation is among the leading residential energy efficiency consulting, home energy rating and residential construction quality assurance companies in the United States certifying thousands of homes annually as energy efficient. Energy Inspectors is certified for and conducts residential energy efficiency ratings in 18 states, and currently works with over 320 of the nations leading production and custom home builders, certifying homes in hundreds of communities throughout the West.