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Quixotic Systems, Inc.

90 Bedford Street Suite A
New York, NY 10014


Service area: 50 miles

Service Area: New York area

Quixotic Systems Inc., provides state-of-the-art, turnkey solar electric photovoltaic(PV) systems and innovative solar heating-hot water systems. Our systems, both residential and commercial, are designed to lower your electric and gas bills, reduce reliance on conventional fuel sources, and save you money. The residential PV systems are tied directly into your regular utility service, thus enabling you to "sell back" any excess electricity to the utility. Our solar thermal systems are engineered to transfer the sun's heat efficiently and safely to your domestic hot water and/or space heating.
Since 2002 our company has successfully designed and installed over 10 green home projects involving solar electric and solar thermal systems. Quixotic Systems recently installed a solar thermal system at Pomona, NY consisting of a large vacuum tube collector system tied in to the home's main hydronic system, providing a high percentage of the domestic hot water throughout the year, pool heating, and radiant space heating in winter. This system not only reduces the hot water and heating bills considerably, but also prevents the generation of tonnes of Carbon dioxide (a major greenhouse gas) and reduces the reliance on conventional fuels. This system is one of the first solar hot water-space heating systems in New York state and one of the largest residential systems employing vacuum tubes("Heat pipes"). We are affiliated with New York state Solar Energy Association, ASHRAE, ASME, SunSeeker Solar Car.