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Mary Cordaro, Inc.

San Fernando Valley
Los Angeles Area
Southern Califonia, CA 91607


Service area: 100 miles

Service Area: Los Angeles area or nationwide


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Mary Cordaro Inc. is a healthy, green home and building consulting company, also offering education to homeowners and professionals in the design, building and health/medical fields.

Mary Cordaro is the president and founder of Mary Cordaro, Inc., a healthy home environmental consultant and Certified Bau-Biologist. Since 1989, Mary has been helping clients who are concerned about or sensitive to conventional building and interior materials by providing resources for diagnosing and solving environmental home problems. Her integrated approach is unique, synthesizing the fields of “Bau-Biologie”, Building Science, and green building with an overlay of the low consumption, ecological lifestyle. Cordaro directs a team of specialists who work together to test for and solve contaminant problems in the home. She consults to homeowners, architects, interior designers and contractors on healthy (and not just green) new construction and remodels.

Mary is affiliated with the following organizations: ECOHB (European and Global Network Ecobiology) American Indoor Air Quality Council, Association for Women in Architecture, and the Organic Trade Association. Mary has taught for UCLA, and is a regular yearly instructor to licensed naturopathic and medical doctors in the Professional Environmental Medicine Program for the S.W. College of Naturopathic Medicine in Arizona. She lectures and teaches around the country.
As a Certified Bau-Biologist and Environmental Consultant since 1989, Mary Cordaro has worked with many hundreds of clients from around the country, on everything from simple paint choices to full scale, new construction and major remodeling specifications. Her first major residential new construction project was completed in 1991, when she consulted on both troubleshooting and solving contaminant problems, as well as specifying new building and interior materials. In addition to specifying healthy, ecological materials and systems, she has also worked with a large base of homeowners who have hired her to trouble shoot and solve indoor contaminant problems, resulting from and including moisture and mold, chemicals, and electromagnetic fields.