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Devine Escapes

402 Eastbrook Road
Effort, PA 18330


Service area: 200 miles

Service Area: Our home base of operation is in the Poconos and we have a secondary shop in Schwenksville, PA.


Hand made outdoor living spaces built from natural materials.

Hardscaping, masonry and natural garden services. Dry Stone Sculpture, sacred spaces, meditation areas. Stone work is our primary thing, log work, cob, bamboo and other natural materials as well.


We take local stone and build inspiring and functional works of landscaping, masonry and outdoor art installations.


Devin Devine has been involved in masonry, hardscaping and landscaping for almost 2 decades now and has a lifetime involvement with the arts.

Kenzie Greenwood is an artist, a gardener and is currently taking a permaculture design course.

I've been working with stone since 1997. In 2007 i set out on my own to run my own business, thinking that I would be able to free up some time, and be able to devote that free time to my artistic pursuits. Funny thing happened though....I came to realize that I can also express myself artistically with stone. Now my old writings and drawings and what-not have all become secondary to what has become my main artistic outlet: stone.

The vision is all about Dynamic Flow. Fractaline, harmoniously chaotic--like nature itself. Devine Escapes is all about creating playful, flowing organic structures that celebrate nature and natural forms. The goal is to create beauty in your immediate local environment, your yard, without doing harm to the larger environment.