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Refined Exteriors

Refined Exteriors

700 N Colorado Blvd
Suite 701
Denver, CO 80206


Service area: 50 miles


Refined Exteriors seeks to provide roofing, siding and gutter contracting with an environmental conscience. We do our best to use green materials whenever possible as well as install products that can reduce energy consumption while saving our customers on their utilities. Additionally Refined Exteriors a GAF Certified Green Roofer which means we recycle a majority of the shingles that we tear off.


We are a member of the Roofs to Roads Colorado program. This is a program who takes the shingles that we recycle from our roofing projects and recycles the materials to be used for road construction projects. Not only does this prevent used shingles from just bring thrown into a land fill but it additionally reduces the amount of fossil fuels required to produce new asphalt for roads. Additionally the recycled material can reduce the material cost to the state and local government building the roads. Research from similar programs in other states indicate up to $1,500 of savings per mile of road for each inch paved.


As previously mentioned Refined Exteriors is a GAF Certified Green Roofer. We have passed all testing and we meet and exceed the requirements for the certification. We have educated our crews on best green practices and we would be happy to answer any questions or provide an overview of best green practices to any potentials customers or even just interested homeowners.

At Refined Exteriors our goal is to educate consumers who may not know about the benefits of green roofing and exterior products and the benefits the can have for both the environment and homeowners. For consumers who are interested in green products we will continue to offer a wide array of solutions. From our outset we have pledged to be a green company and became a Certified Green Roofer as soon as we were eligible as we feel it is our responsibility to protect our environment and that of our customers.