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Ramos Roofing

695 Pierce St.
Erie, CO 80516


Service area: 40 miles


Ramos Roofing can save you energy costs via our ENERGY STAR® rated roofing products. We utilize preferred green roofing brands in Colorado offering reflective technology roofing shingles that help reduce temperatures in your attic. These green roofing materials save energy by reflecting the sun’s rays which keeps roofs cooler, resulting in an energy efficient and comfortable living space in the home.


Member of Roofs to Roads Colorado who is Paving the Way for Asphalt Shingle Recycling and Re-Use in Colorado. Their goals are to keep 100% of Colorado’s Waste Shingles Out of the Landfill (240,000 TONS of asphalt shingles landfilled EVERY YEAR in Colorado, 12 million tons nationally)! Shingles are ground and re-used in asphalt mixes for paving roads. Establish an ongoing market, with municipalities and CDOT writing specifications that allow or mandate the use of Recycled Asphalt Shingles (RAS) from Tear-Off or demolition shingles.


Preferred Contractor for Owens Corning green roofing products. These help save energy costs in Colorado where we have substantial sunlight with their ENERGY STAR® rated roofing products.

Goal is to offer customers green roofing options, and expand the amount of homes and commercial properties with green reflective technologies. First became involved with green roofing products via reflective technology roofing products. We are also members of Roofs 2 Roads.