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Bernan Beacon, LLC

2325 Endicott Street
Suite #208W
Saint Paul, MN 55114


Service area: 200 miles

Service Area: We have certified contractors to apply our product all across the Midwest and we are always expanding our list across the country. Please call us at 651.207.4591 for more detailed information on a contractor in your area.


Bernan Beacon, LLC is a Minnesota based small business which specializes in the creation and small-batch manufacture of quality plaster finishes for residential and commercial uses.

Since 1998, products such as Manda Mudd and our newest product Pot de Crème have been helping do-it-yourself home-owners and professional builders and designers alike achieve beautiful, luxurious finishes with our No-VOC and Low-VOC paints and plaster finishes.

As seen on HGTV's "Decorating Cents" and the Travel Channel's "Passport to Design", Bernan Beacon's textured plaster finish, Manda Mudd, is a perfect remedy for damaged and cracked walls, old plaster walls, covering up unwanted paneling, going over stubborn wallpaper, and resurfacing ceilings after the removal of out-dated popcorn ceilings! Manda Mudd is, of course, also a great product for brand new construction.

Pot de Crème is a smooth, easy-to-use flat plaster paint which is a great way to resurface pieces of furniture, cabinetry, built-ins, mantels and millwork around a home or commercial property. With its beautiful matte finish, it is a great compliment to anything from shabby-chic design to modern and simplistic “zen” properties.

Both of these great products are proudly made in the USA and are in the process of becoming No-VOC from our always Low-VOC composition.

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As a Low-VOC paint product and currently making the switch to completely No-VOC, Manda Mudd has been used in countless projects in the Midwest and all across the country, both large commercial projects and single-family home projects. It has been used in a large number of ASID showcase homes and Parade of Homes as well.

Manda Mudd has always been 'Green'!

Long before 'Green' became a trend, Manda Mudd was America's first premium plaster finish and is 100% made in the USA! The Low-VOC Manda Mudd is a great alternative to just trashing your old, damaged walls in the dumpsters and landfills! And it is much more cost-effective! Your pocket-book AND the environment are happier when you use the breathable and flexible products created by Bernan Beacon, LLC.


We are currently undergoing a transition from a Low-VOC product composition to being a No-VOC product.

Members of our team have attended a number of government-led discussions and local education programs on Green Building standards within the State of Minnesota.

We are also in the process of becoming certified in the various Green programs and attaining membership in the related government and certification organizations.

Bernan Beacon has always been 'Green'! We are all a part of this one Earth and our team at Bernan Beacon is very committed to creating products that are just as friendly to the environment as they are to our loyal customers who use them.