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Green & Lofty, LLC

109 E 8th St
Chattanooga, TN 37402


Service area: 80 miles


Green & Lofty, LLC implements sustainable building practices in Chattanooga new construction & remodeling of homes. High-end aesthetically pleasing design is a foundational component. Real estate conditions are carefully analyzed maximizing investment outcome.

Our final product offers: energy efficiency -- affordability for our buyers -- use of products with longer life-cycle -- better indoor air quality (IAQ) -- enhanced low or non-toxic materials -- low to non-carcinogenic products-- low VOC's -- moisture resistant materials inhibiting the growth of biological contaminants -- modified advanced framing technique for new construction -- higher rate of insulation diminishing the use of raw resources -- tighter sealed indoor envelope -- energy rated appliances & fixtures -- conservation of natural resources -- our local EPB's "energy right" program participation & certification -- use of local talent & resources wherever possible, minimizing our carbon footprint & utilizing locally available materials -- designer finishes & brand name quality products -- reuse & recycle materials for a greener design, structure & ultimately... SUSTAINABLE LIVING.


In a North Chattanooga home rehab: G&L managed the design & green features utilized in the home. Third Party/Energy Assessment by EPB qualified the existing home as being the closest to compliant with energy efficiency standards; ultimately providing energy savings & a higher sense of sustainable living for the homeowner.
In a Chattanooga, new construction project: Green & Lofty, LLC initiated & managed the design & implementation of green features that ultimately qualified the home for a third party Energy Right Certification by our local EPB. The home features a tight building envelope, with R values that support energy savings, "water sense" plumbing fixtures for water conservation, Energy Star appliances, low-e Argon gas energy efficient windows, amongst many other features that promote sustainable living & environmental responsibility.


Member of: Green Spaces, in Chattanooga, TN.
Partner: Energy Star, at

Green Building is a responsible & environmentally conscious practice.
It is our duty to not only protect our interests, but also those of future generations. We have much to gain (including quality of life), by safeguarding our environment & minding our indoor air quality. Our duty is to be conscious of our energy consumption & waste, to mind the impact of our carbon footprint, gas emissions, and use resources that are of sustainable character.

It is our belief that we should aim at implementing building practices, which are sensible & green for the welfare of our communities & of all.