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West Side Roofing Co.

5360 West 130th Street
Brook Park, OH 44142


Service area: 100 miles

Service Area: Cleveland, Akron and Northeast Ohio


West Side Roofing has participated in approved training to show homeowners how to make their roof "green". West Side Roofing can install energy efficient shingles, prepare a roof for solar energy, improve air quality for proper ventilation, and recycle asphalt shingles. These services can increase a home's durability by controlling moisture, help improve energy efficiency, support renewable energy, help improve indoor air quality, and reduce the risk of ice dams via proper air ventilation.


West Side Roofing has previously joined Willoughby Supply, a roofing distributor from Northeast Ohio, in an effort to recycle asphalt shingles. The program was created by Willoughby Supply and enabled companies like West Side Roofing to properly discard old asphalt shingles to one day be used as new roads for the Cleveland area.


West Side Roofing employs five salesmen who currently have been awarded the GAF Certified Green Roofer Award. This award required USGBC-approved training on many important contributions the roofing system makes to a green home. West Side Roofing also employs a salesman with a specific crew for any work that involves solar power. This crew has the capability to prepare a roof for solar panels or temporarily remove the panels to repair a roof leak.

Our vision: West Side Roofing is committed to maintaining sustainable business practices. Our team will continue to learn and educate others on the importance of green building practices. Through the help of manufacturers and distributors, West Side Roofing will stay on the forefront of green roofing and therefore running a sustainable job site.