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Wedge Roofing

Wedge Roofing

5 Casa Grande Road
Petaluma, CA 94954


Service area: 50 miles

Service Area: San Francisco Bay Area including Marin County, San Francisco Sonoma County and Napa County


Wedge Roofing has a proven history for professional, safe, and ecologically friendly roofing services in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a locally based contractor since 1976, the maintenance and upkeep of the Bay Area’s ecological systems is to us both personal and of the highest importance. We make a commitment to support environmentally friendly practices in roofing and offer expertise in sustainable roofing, environmentally responsible roofing, and energy-efficient roof systems for residential, commercial and industrial buildings, including:

Construction Roof Waste Diversion: Shingle Recycling
Roof Waste Recycling, Salvaged Material Reuse
Title 24 Cool Roofs approved by the Cool Roof Rating Council
Energy Star Approved Roof Systems
Energy-Efficient Roof Systems
Sustainable Roof Systems: Tile, Slate and Metal Roofs
Quality installation of long-lasting roof systems
Recyclable Roof Systems
Roof Systems containing Recycled Materials
Roof Systems manufactured with reduced ecological impact
Vegetative Green Roofs
Rain harvesting roof systems and gutters
Roof compatible PV systems
Roof insulation
Reflective Roof Coatings
Environmentally responsible harvested FSC-certified wood
Local products and services

As a California licensed Roofing Contractor with over 39 years of trusted roofing in the San Francisco Bay Area we provide dependable and quality services including: new roofs, re-roofing, roof repairs, roof maintenance, emergency roof services, roof recycling, cool roof coatings, skylight installation, and PV solar installations

Roof Systems: Shingle Roofs, Tile Roofs, Metal Roofs, Slate Roofs, Spray Foam Roofs, Built-up Roofs, Single-Ply Roofs: EPDM, PVC and TPO, Modified Bitumen, Wood Shingles, Reclaimed Slate, Reclaimed Tile


As a certified Green Roof Contractor, we proudly recycle shingles and roof waste. Through our construction waste diversion program, we collect roof tear-off on our projects for re-use and recycling at certified recycling centers.

Throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, Wedge Roofing has installed Cool Roof Systems improving the energy-efficiency of residential, commercial and industrial buildings. These Energy Star and Cool Roof Rating Council approved roofs meet California’s Title 24 requirements for R-Value, solar reflectance and infrared emittance.

In addition to energy-efficient roof systems, Wedge Roofing has increased the thermal performance of residences, commercial and industrial structures with building envelope improvements and installation of high performance roof insulation.

Wedge Roofing installs sustainable roof systems including Clay Tile, Slate and Metal Roofs minimizing the impact upon the environment by conserving resources and avoiding frequent replacement.

Through our dedicated Roof Repair and Maintenance Division, we have extended the life of Sustainable Roofs including Slate and Tile, preventing the environmental impact of roof removal and replacement. Many of these projects include the re-use of salvaged, reclaimed tile and slate preventing the extraction, processing and transportation of new materials. 

Lessening our environmental impact, we have installed environmentally responsible roof systems manufactured with reduced ecological impact, containing recyclable materials and roofs that are recyclable.

As a Certified Solar Roofing Professional contractor, we offer the expertise to ensure roof top solar installations do not adversely affect the roof system performance and service life.


California licensed Contractor #416737, C-39 Roofing, C-2 Insulation and B General Contractor. U.S. Green Building Council, GAF Certified Green Roof Contractor, National Roofing Contractors SpecRight Contractor; Roof Integrated Solar Roofing Professional Contractor, Cool Roof Manufacturer Approved Contractor, Energy Star Partner, Certified Spray Foam Alliance Professional Contractor, U.S. EPA Certified Lead Free Renovator

Certifications held by the Wedge Roofing Team include: Build-it Green Certified Professionals, LEED® Green Associate, Certified Solar Roofing Professional
Training and continuing education: American Institute of Architects: Cool Roofs, Solar Living Institute: Solar PV Design and Installation, Advanced PV Systems. Build it Green: Advanced Green Home Retrofitting & Remodeling.

Our company was built upon the principles of strong ethics, uncompromising quality, stringent safety and environmental policies. We hold true to these principles because we understand that we are not just your contractor, we are your protection from the elements. It is our duty to provide security for you, your family, and your business while maintaining and caring for our beautiful Bay Area environment.

In the Bay Area, construction projects account for approximately 20% of the total waste sent to landfills. At Wedge Roofing, we believe construction waste diversion is an essential practice of an ethical, responsible business. By incorporating waste reduction strategies into our operation, we endeavor to do our part in preserving landfills, reducing waste and protecting the environment.