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AE Building Systems

AE Building Systems

1720 15th Street
Boulder, CO 80302


Service area: 200 miles

Service Area: We currently service all of Colorado, Wyoming, Kanas, Nebraska, and Northern New Mexico.


A&E Building Systems supplies architects, developers, builders and contractors with the products, services and information necessary to achieve high performance building objectives such as Passive House, LEED, RESNET/HERS, and Energy Star.
Founded in 2011 and based in Golden Colorado, A&E is a leader in the high performance building industry, offering customers products and information that meet their energy efficiency demands. A&E has applied countless hours of research and training into developing a product portfolio that exceeds some of the most rigorous building standards in the world. A&E works closely with designers, builders and contractors providing them information necessary for proper installation of all of it’s products.
A&E’s passion that all buildings should energy efficient is a mission we take seriously. We are involved with a variety of organizations that create educational opportunities for professionals and consumers alike. We participate on the boards and committees of The CGBG and Denver Passive House Alliance.


A&E Building is always involved with a variety of green building projects. Current projects include deep energy retrofits. We supply contractors with a variety of products that help them meet local and national green building standards. We have a deep involvement with production home builders. Currently, we are working with a production builder that is seeking Passive House certification on a building in Denver. Were are also working with another production building that is seeking to maintain their HERs score without the assistance of PV. currently we have over $2,000,000.00 in our pipeline of projects and all are green building projects.


While Todd Collins didn’t start his career in the building industry, he quickly developed a interest in architecture and building. While looking for ways to develop his growing passion for energy efficient construction he discovered the Passive House method of building. It soon became obvious that while there was a clear method for constructing high performance buildings, the lack of quality building products was a barrier difficult to overcome. Seeing a great opportunity to mesh his working life with his lives passion he formed A&E Building Systems in 2011. In a short period Todd developed a steady client base and has expanded the companies offerings to over a dozen different products and systems. Todd is a member of the Denver Passive House Alliance board and is active in the CGBG and many other affiliated groups. In his spare time he stays active by participating in many outdoor activities and spends quality time with his family.

Mark Attard has been involved in the building industry for the past 25 years. Always looking for opportunities to learn he began exploring advanced building techniques in the early 1990′s. After becoming a LEED AP he quickly discovered Passive House building, igniting his passion to develop more energy efficient building envelopes. Through the Passive House training and local meetings, Mark met Todd and in the fall of 2012 decided to join A&E. Mark is constantly thinking of ways to improve the performance of his home as well as other buildings. Joining A&E helps him continue to evolve as a green building expert while helping others meet their green building goals. Outside of A&E, Mark spends most of his time with his family and tries to ride his bike as often as possible.

Our company was started with the vision to supply architects, builders, contractors, and owners with the products and information needed to meet all green building standards including Energy Star and Passive House. Our focus is on the building envelope, supplying high performance wall systems, windows, insulation, advanced air sealing and air handling products. We provide our customers with specific information related to all these systems and green building techniques in general.