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Walsh Brothers Construction

310 Busse HWY #237
Park Ridge, IL 60068


Service area: 25 miles


As Energy Star Builder are projects are done to energy efficient standard to save money and energy. Materials are recycled as much as possible to reduce going to a landfill. Projects are insulated correctly and finished so not to waste energy.


We were the first to build and certify an Energy Star Home in the City Of Chicago in 2001 with a 5 star Energy Star rating. We added to the energy efficient and green background by building a certified DOE Builders Challenge High Performance Home in 2011 with a score of 53. We also have a Certificate of Completion in builder training from the National American Lung Association for indoor air quality.


Energy Star Builder -
DOE Builders Challenge Award -
American Lung Association Trained Builder

We are a small firm with large reputation for quality and efficiency. We have a proven track record with more than several new Energy Star Homes and remodeling projects that we have done. With a certified Builders Challenge High Performance Home, additional to the list of homes we have completed. We have proven we can build and remodel homes that are sustainable, good for the environment and the homeowners.

Homes built and remodeled for our clients have the added benefits of being comfortable, healthy and better in door air quality. Our typical home comes with 4 to 6 zones of Heating and Air Conditioning depending on the size of the home, which can be up to 6000 sq feet with a single furnace. With this our client’s have comfort and control in all areas of the home at all times.

Our clients are pleased because we can implement aesthetics, green design, energy efficiency and comfort control while maintaining a timely schedule and cost effective solutions. Being cost effective and efficient help to provide reduced cost to the client. Our homes are built with no more additional cost than any other quality built home.

We have built homes that are traditional and modern in design. We will work with the clients plan or with the architect to design the home to be built.