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Intus Windows

1042 Wisconsin Ave
2nd floor
Washington, DC 20007


Service area: 200 miles

Service Area: Intus Windows cover 26 states. Please find a dealer on our website for following questions.


Intus Windows is a manufacturer of energy efficient windows, doors and curtain walls. Triple pane highly insulated products help to increase living quality and diminish expenses on heating and cooling.


Intus Windows goes the same foot with green builders and energy efficiency followers. Intus offers extremely affordable price for amazing quality and is a provider of higly efficient windows for many green projects:
Solar deCathlon, the first passive co-house in Washington, DC,
ECO Village, TREE, the biggest passive co-housing in NY,
Capital City Public Charter School project, etc.


Rolandas Talalas, certified Passive House consultant (PHIUS)

Intus Windows products are suitable for use in institutional, residential and commercial applications. The goal is to become the main supporter of Passive House projects, to improve the life quality and prove that to have efficient sustainable home is not a dream anymore. Intus Windows makes it affordable.