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Driftwood Builders Roofing

12308 Twin Creeks Road
Suite 101B
Manchaca, TX 78652


Service area: 75 miles


Driftwood Builders Roofing takes all of the old roofing shingles from a job site to a local recycling facility here in Austin, TX. Driftwood Builders also installs Green Home materials such as GAF solar panels, GAF Cool Series shingles, and Attic Foil Radiant Barrier.


Driftwood Builders has completed multiple Attic Foil Radiant Barrier installations in the Austin area. With every roof that we install we make sure there is adequate ventilation in the attic to keep the homeowner's AC from having to run more than necessary to overcompensate for attic heat build up.


Driftwood Builders is a certified GAF Green Roofer, GAF Solar Elite Contractor as well as a local USGBC member. Our team stays up to date on current Green Roofing classes & webinars that are held through various associations.

Driftwood Builders first became involved with being green by recycling our roofing materials instead of having them take up space in a landfill. Our mission is to educate our customers with all of the green roofing options we have to offer.