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La Puerta Originals

4523 State Highway 14
Santa Fe, NM 87508


Service area: 200 miles

Service Area: We work with clients all over the United States.


A commitment to preservation, reuse and reclamation of old handcrafted wood and other materials remains the cornerstone of La Puerta Originals’ business. Our desire to create products of timeless beauty while preventing further deforestation is our passion. Our passion for the environment is equally shared with our commitment to provide our clients with the most beautiful and distinctive products and furnishings for their homes.


All of our custom made doors, furniture and home accents are made from reclaimed wood.

La Puerta Originals is a family owned and operated company located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The business evolved out of founder Scott Coleman’s combined love of art, architecture and travel. As a graduate of SCI-ARC (Southern California Institute of Architecture) Scott was particularly interested in old world architecture, which he sought out on his extensive travels throughout the world. He noticed that many countries destroyed or abandoned their old buildings without consideration of the historical significance, the incredible workmanship and detail, or the valuable building materials. Soon, he was collecting discarded doors, pieces of beautifully carved wood, old iron work and other building materials bound for the waste pits. Collecting old doors and other reclaimed wood materials then became his passion and the sole purpose and focus of his travels.