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Archaeo Architects

1519 Upper Canyon Rd.
Santa Fe, NM 87501


Service area: 200 miles

Service Area: We work internationally.


One of Archaeo’s primary concerns is creating architecture that is one with its landscape. In this way we pay great respect to the historical vernacular buildings of every locale in which we build. We attempt to get LEED certifications whenever possible. All homes are passive solar or give great attention to natural light.


Archaeo Architects recently designed a Northern New Mexican styled home on a lot in the village of Truchas, New Mexico. We’re looking to achieve a LEED Gold certification for sustainable green building practices.


We have no specific certifications at this time, just an underlying philosophy.

For us, architecture means entering into a dialog with the environment, and in particular a dialog with the site on which the structure will sit. This dialog is not just a practical one involving sun, prevailing wind patterns, microclimates and vegetation; it is also a spiritual dialog, the same dialog that we imagine ancient indigenous peoples entered into when they began building in the landscape. Thus, when we adopted the name “Archaeo”, we felt we were entering into a commitment to a relationship with the earth that was deeper, more grounded and more connected than simply placing buildings on its surface. It meant that we were entering into a reciprocal relationship with the earth and with those who had come before us.
We see the “green” approach to architecture as being much more than the selection of materials and finishes and respect for the planet in environmentally sound building practices. It is a deeply held philosophy.