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24535 Hallwood Ct.
Farminton Hills, MI 48152


Service area: 200 miles


EcoGranite products are environmentally friendly and produced from solid 1 1/4" recycled granite. The granite is 100% post industrial waste from countertop manufacturing that would otherwise be sent to a landfill for disposal. EcoGranite pavers and veneer are very high quality and can be used for sidewalks, patios, walls, interior tiles, driveways, or any other application you can dream up.
EcoGranite also produces a large range of other products with recycled granite such as cutting boards, serving trays,bowls, whiskey rocks, crosses, signs, art, and custom made pieces.

We receive a multitude of different colors and types of stone and sort them to produce a light blend mix, a dark blend mix, and a total blend of colors mix. The beautiful mix of colors and texture are sure to compliment and enhance any project that you are working on.


We at EcoGranite have been recycling waste stone into usable products for over nine years.

We are a local, Michigan business founded on love of natural stone and helping to preserve our planet. We are devoted to recycling and making products as green as possible. According to research up to 40% of each granite slab ends up in a landfill. Our company helps to take care of the problem by converting the leftover granite into glamorous patios, driveways, thin veneer and many other products. If it can be made out of granite, we can make it. We were one of the first granite recyclers in the U.S. and the first in the midwest. Our first pavers were all hand cut or split and had a hand applied thermal finish to bring out the color. Today we are a rapidly growing company that uses modern technology and patented machinery to create the longest lasting products there are.