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Business Retention Network

120 Seaside Ln
P.O. Box 788
Texas City, TX 77590


Service area: 200 miles

Service Area: Our primary focus has been the Southwest (Texas, Oklahoma) part of the country, but we have the capability for national reach.


Business Retention Network (BizRet) provides an ongoing link between Realtors and their past, and future, clients. For 11 years we have kept thousands of homeowners apprised of both traditional and new trends that enhance their homeowning experience. We believe strongly in being environmentally conscious and attempt to pass that enthusiasm along to our Realtor clients and their homeowners.
We feel that the information you present in your newsletter would help us identify green trends and help get the word out to thousands who would be interested if they were exposed to the information.


We are not directly involved in the building industry.

I would have to say our green vision is based simply on being a resident of planet earth, and the wish that continued education will ensure the planet we leave to our children will be in better shape than it is now.