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Tedrick's Roofing Inc.

37220 188th Ave SE
Auburn, WA 98092


Service area: 20 miles

Service Area: South King County, North Pierce County, Auburn, Enumclaw, Kent, Federal Way, Des Moines, Renton, Seattle , Tacoma


We are pleased to have been awarded the Certified Green Roofer designation from GAF, the largest roofing manufacturer in North America. Every year 11 million tons of shingle waste is generated, the program we are part of allows us to recycle asphalt shingles! We also offer diferent types of roof options that help to heat or cool your home. Combined with solar powered vents these products are the ideal choice to lower your utility bill using the sun's power. And yes they are great in the Pacific Northwest! These solar vents are a great choice for any home that does not currently have any roof ventilation. They help release trapped heat and moisture in your attic which not only diminish the comfort of your own home environment, but they also reduce the life expectancy of your entire roof. Attic ventilation is a critical aspect in maintaining a healthy, energy-efficient home. Air circulation is crucial in an attic's enclosed space due to trapped hot, moist air which can easily turn into damaging condensation. Solar roof attic vent fans will enhance your passive vents effectiveness in moving air! Our company is a certified installer of Solar Blaster attic fans, a great product! Some of the roof deck protection products we use contain up to 60% post-consumer recycled content.Another great product that allows your roof to breath and provides a cleaner air environment in your attic.


We have been awarded the Certified Green Roofer designation from the GAF corporation. We make every attempt to recycle asphalt shingles that are removed for roof replacement. We do this with every job. We like to encourage the use of solar powered vents an economical and eco-friendly roof ventilation system. We offer reflective shingles, Timberline Cool Series. These are enviromentaly friendly shingles, they are specially designed to reflect sunlight and help reduce unwanted attic heat. In some areas, cool roofs qualify for energy tax credits and other incentives, saving home owners more money. Roof deck protection is critical we use products that provide exceptional protection against wind-driven rain that can soak your insulation and reduce its energy efficiency. They allow your roof system to breathe prolonging the life of your roof deck. Some roof deck protection we provide even wicks and releases water that can accumulate inside your attic. We are currently looking forward to working with Habitat for Humanity where we can hopefuly introduce some of these great green products to some deserving homeowners!


All of our employees are factory trained and certified to install our roofs. They have been trained to follow all safety guidelines and are trained in first aid. They are certified to install all the green products we offer. We adhere to all Labor & Industies rules and regulations and work hard to insure a safe work environment for both our employees and the homeowners.

We have been in the roofing trade for over 30 years and each time a roof is removed there is a hugr amount of waste generated in the landfill. It is a fact that every year 11 Million tons of shingle waste is generated....we did not want to be part of this. So when this program was introduced to us we were thrilled to be part of turning this waste into usable product. It is quite exciting to see how much of what used to be a waste product be turned into asphalt, you can actually see how much paving is being done with the amount you recycle each year! There are more and more great products coming on the market that are economical and user friendly, they not only help extend the life of your roof but some help create a healthier living environment. We find this very exciting and look forward to introducing homeowners to these products.